Gampuku – Akira Hiramoto Illustrations

Published 10/03/2019

Akira Hiramoto is mangaka known for his extreme ecchi drawings. His most famous work is Prison School (Kangoku Gakuen); a manga which published for 6 years (2011-2017), which also got a 12-episode anime adaptation. After the end of the serialization of Prison School he started a new series called RaW Hero.

Gampuku is Akira's art book filled in with his godtier ecchi drawings: lots of focus on boobs and ass based on the cast of Prison School. Lots of different positions, lots of girls with different BWH measurements, ... Basically a great art book for ecchi lovers and men of culture. Besides focusing on the ecchi elements, Akira is a great artist in general: nice character designs, superb colouring and very realistic art. It's a reason why Akira is one of the better ecchi artist!

Gampuku is a very great NSFW art book; lots of toptier ecchi drawings! If you've never read or seen Prison School: it's still a great must buy art book if you're a big fan of ecchi. Check out the photo's and video, enjoy: