Tokyo Ghoul Zakki:Re

Published Mar 22, 2019

Ishida Sui is the mangaka behind the popular franchise Tokyo Ghoul, which ran a serialization for ~6 years until July 2018. Tokyo Ghoul already had an art book called 'Tokyo Ghoul Zakki' released in 2014 with artworks based on the first series. Now a second art book got released called 'Tokyo Ghoul Zakki:Re' based on the second series.

The size of the Tokyo Ghoul Zakki:Re hardcover art book is a bit smaller than a A4 sheet and contains 288 pages with illustrations printed on high quality glossy paper. Ishida has a very rough manga drawing art style, however checking out his art book you can actually see he mastered lots of different art styles: realistic, really playful with colors and brushes, abstract, ... Which makes it a really great art book because it feels like it's one big collab of different authors. Every piece of artwork also got a small English caption where it originates from. In addition to the great illustrations there is also a calendar included.

  • Ishida Sui

  • Mar. 19, 2019

  • 288 pages

  • 978-4087927290