Made in Abyss Official Art Works

Published Feb 01, 2020

Made in Abyss is an ongoing adventure/fantasy/sci-fi manga written & drawn by Tsukushi Akihito. In 2017 the manga got a successful 13 episode anime tv series adaptation which captured the beauty and the dark side of the world very nicely and put together with gorgeous soundtracks by the Australian composer Kevin Penkin. On January 17 2020 a sequel movie got released with another sequel planned later in the future.

Made in Abyss Official Art Works is a 3 part art book collection box based on the work of the anime series. The box itself has a stunning cover which makes it a collectors item worth displaying. As stated before the content of the box consists of 3 books:

  • An art book with anime illustrations and character/monster/prop designs, screenshots per episode and drawings from other manga authors
  • An art book with backgrounds
  • A complete storyboard collection of the whole tv series

There's a lot of content to check out, especially the storyboards and the breathtaking background designs. However there is not a lot of illustrations in the first mentioned artbook; but seeing all the different character, monster and prop designs is pretty neat. However, a small con I have about the box: bundling the 3 books back together in the box is very difficult. You have to be very careful not to tear the box or fold the paper of the artbooks.

5000 yen is a steep price without shipping costs and import fees included, but it's a big must have if you're a fan of Made in Abyss. In conclusion, what you get is a great looking box to display and lots of quality content in the art books.

  • Tsukushi Akihito

  • Jan. 17, 2020

  • 3 books, in total +400 pages

  • 978-4801921436