Dragon Ball Complete Illustrations

Published Dec 18, 2018

Dragon Ball (Z) is a Weekly Shounen Jump series created by Akira Toriyama and was published from 1984 to 1995. Dragon Ball (Z) popularity grew a lot (and still is today) and resulted in 4 anime series (Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, GT and Super. Kai, a remaster version, not counted) and lots of movies (With Dragon Ball Super: Broly being the newest one, released on December 14, 2018). Most noteworthy the manga sold a lot and is one of the best selling manga of all time with over 350 million units sold.

The Dragon Ball series has a lot of art books: one of them is Dragon Ball Daizenshuu. Dragon Ball Daizenshuu is a collection of 7 guide books, with each book focusing on a specific part of Dragon Ball. (Illustrations, TV Animation, World guide, ..) The first book (released in 1995) of Dragon Ball Daizenshuu focuses on the manga illustrations of Dragon Ball (Z): Dragon Ball Complete Illustrations

The Dragon Ball Complete Illustrations art book is a hardcover with most pages being in color. One of the first pages of the art book is a 2-sided poster based on the cover and on the other side a thank you poster from Akira Toriyama. Most of the other pages consists of many great artworks categorized per year. The artworks range from battle poses to filler stuff (for example: Christmas, characters in vehicles and sports artwork). Finally, the last couple of pages you'll find Dragon Ball featured Weekly Shounen Jump magazines and interviews with Akira.

As a result for being an old art book (JP: 1995, ENG: 2008), it's really hard to find a brand-new copy. So if you want to score a copy, your best bet would be to buy it second-hand on Amazon or any other second hand stores (in Japan, easily to find). All in all having a price of around the 1500 yen in Japan (~13 dollars, ~11 euros) makes it a really great price with the content you get. Check out the photos and video:

  • Akira Toriyama

  • June 25, 1995

  • ~217 pages

  • 978-4087827514