The Art of Posuka Demizu

Published Jan 06, 2019

This art book is a collection of the art works drawn by Posuka Demizu. She is a manga artist known for the popular manga: The Promised Neverland. Posuka is a known artist for drawing a lot of scifi and cute unique character designs, which is very noticeable when you browse through the art book and read her manga. As a result the combination of her scifi drawings and detailed finishing points makes the art book a real treat for the eyes.

The whole art book is filled in with top-quality artworks. Lots of different environments and settings that expresses a certain mood, a nice style of drawing because it feels rough/sketchy with superb coloring and a lot of detail. A must-buy art book for its cheap price!

  • Posuka Demizu

  • July 10, 2017

  • 192 pages

  • 978-4756248763