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Code Geass Illustrations Rebels

Published Mar 03, 2019

Code Geass Illustrations Rebels is an art book illustrated by the animation character designer and chief animation director Takahiro Kimura, Code Geass is an anime original serie (not an adaptation from a manga or novel) that started airing on October 6, 2006 produced by Sunrise. The Code Geass franchise got later a second season, a couple of spinoff movies and recap movies followed with a sequel movie,

The art book is based on the first season of Code Geass and contains 143 pages with most artwork being fully coloured. There's a lot of variety in different settings and characters, badass mecha designs and a couple of fanservice shots. Finally in the last couple of pages you find some drafts of the illustrations.

A really great quality art book with lots of artwork in full colour; some artworks are double page sized, which is really awesome to see. A must buy art book if you're a fan of the popular franchise.

  • Takahiro Kimura

  • Apr. 4, 2008

  • 143 pages

  • 978-4048541695