Daisuke Richard Art Works: Ushimitsudoki - Midnight -

Published Mar 01, 2021

Daisuke Richard Art Works: Ushimitsudoki - Midnight - is the newest art book of the popular Japanese illustrator Daisuke Richard.

Richard is known for his unique pastel coloured art work designs of girls. Most of the time the faces of these girls are hidden, which gives it a mysterious feel. Besides the mysterious girls the designs of their clothes are great.

The art book contains 159 pages of these previously explained girls and is presented in a nice way: the cover has cut out Japanese letters, the first page has a cut out triangle and the last couple of pages contain a small page bundle of a interview; it's a small thing but it's fun!

To keep it a bit anime related: Daiksuke Richard also did a collaboration with Netflix for an anime ad! See the glorious art of Richard in animation!

All in all, Richard is a very creative illustrator and worth it to follow him on Twitter to see more of his works.

Check out the photo's and video for more Richard Greatness!