Published Feb 24, 2020

Dorohedoro is a completed apocalyptic dark fantasy/mystery/horror manga written and drawn by Hayashida Q. The manga ran a serialization from November 2000 until September 2018 and consists a total of 167 chapters. In 2020 the series got an 12 episode anime adaption by MAPPA.

Hayashida Q's art style is really impressive; the drawings have a raw/rough (horrorish) feeling while still being very detailed, great looking backgrounds, unique character designs with awesome apocalyptic-ish/steampunk-ish clothing and very bloody. Therefore the world of Dorohedoro is visually very great and a must read for every manga lover.

Dorohedoro MUD AND SLUDGE is a newly released artbook with a big collection of all Dorohedoro artwork by Hayashida Q; lots of character designs, great looking artworks & coloured manga panels. The artbook is a B5 sized hardcover and consists of 344 pages in full colour. Furthermore the art book is presented in a great looking thick black cover with Caiman in a glossy print. A great collectable to display!

For any Dorohedoro fan it's certainly a must buy artbook, you can experience the great world of Dorohedoro and all your favorite characters again in this stunning artbook. If you don't know much about Dorohedoro: not a problem! The rough rawish artstyle is still a great collection for any lover.

  • Hayashida Q

  • Feb. 20, 2020

  • 344 pages

  • 978-4091990648